Hidden Treasure

Every time I pass you on the street I wonder how I can make you mine. You look so happy and unaware—almost as if you think there’s nothing more. You’re a flawless expression of what this place is supposed to be. Your natural and pure beauty is so welcome on this little stretch of land, your confidence is understated but loud. You don’t know me, but I know you- I see you, I see who you really are. You’re like a Siren to me- but is it only me? I’ll share my soul with you, please share with me. You remind me of my childhood and all the things I love about this place. You embody your surroundings and highlight what makes them real. There aren’t any like you at all; how have you stayed so true? They may seem beautiful on the surface to some, your overly made up friends down the road, but not to me and not to us. Please don’t be convinced that you should be like them too- your place in the world is here- as you are—and I need you.