The beginning...

Over the last two years we have traveled the country, opening hotels,  scouting hotel locations, staying in hotels, discovering hole in the wall restaurants and bars, experiencing local culture through the eyes of people we meet on the road, getting held up in airport security because of Meg’s hair products and general disdain for rules, running for connecting flights (one of us in very stylish high heel boots), uncovering the best and worst rental car companies, and generally being inspired by new adventures and wanderings.

We crave adventure, experience, dive bars and fine food.  We are inspired by authenticity and places and people that have soul.  We are driven to create, concept and execute experiences through design, branding, storytelling, defined details and interesting discoverable moments.

We have developed brand concepts at an airport bar while waiting for (and almost missing) a redeye flight in SFO.  We’ve installed FF&E in at least a dozen hotels... made 100s of beds and cleaned bathrooms on our property visits.  We have worked with some insanely talented designers, architects and contractors as we have opened 13 hotels and 5 restaurants in the last couple of years.

Our collaboration - the healthy tension, creative and inspirational, that we have that allows us to push back on each other and ultimately find common ground has driven us to found Elder & Ash.  Meg is the fierce protector of brand and experience while I push for growth, vision and forward movement - I am a big picture guy but can get lost in spreadsheets too.  Meg grounds me while still supporting my crazy ambition and I challenge her concept of how much one can possibly do in a day, or a week, or even a month. Meg is an animal (all species) lover, a creative, an inventor and a task master.  The combination is potent.

While we are enchanted by interior design we are most inspired by creating stories and believe that great design is a supporting factor in the story.  We are equally interested in how service culture, brand touch points, music selection, lighting levels, and tie into location create the story.  We believe that there are so many details in the development and operation of great hotels that lie outside the scope of a typical design package.  In hotel development, we love to be involved from the moment of conception.

We invite you to follow along...we’ll be wandering the country collecting experiences, uncovering discoverable moments, enjoying airport bars and seeking to evolve the hospitality landscape.